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Music is my absolute lifeblood. I've been playing guitar since I was six years old and singing since way before that. I grew up watching my idols The Jam, The Specials and The Stone Roses on my parents' old DVDs and thinking: "I want to do that too." 


And now I'm actually close to achieving it for the first time. I've been absolutely blown away by all the support my songs have had in the past 18 months. Every single soul who's brought a CD, streamed my songs online or come along to the gigs - I'm eternally grateful to you all.


I've now got a debut album ready to release, but believe me this is not a cheap business, so I need YOUR help! If you can put in even a couple of pounds then it will help me and the boys to be able to record, produce and release my debut album next year. We've got the songs ready to go, we just need your help to make our vision a reality! 


Thanks again for all your support, it means the world to a DIY musician like me.

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